Enabling greater activity and independence

GaitThaw provides tailored cues to address the mobility challenges in the daily life of PwP, helping them overcome gait symptoms, restore natural walking and enabling them to manage daily tasks.


Providing piece of mind and more quality time

GaitThaw provides walking assistance to PwP and fall alarms when incidents occur, which help reduce the burden on caregivers, thus allowing both caregivers and their loved ones to enjoy more of their daily life together.


Assisting in treatment optimization

GaitThaw simplifies symptom tracking and communication with PwP for healthcare professionals, thus allowing informed discussions that empowers healthcare professionals to optimise consultation time and treatment planning.


Allowing more efficient sessions with more data available

GaitThaw provides disease specific analysis of PwP, allowing a better understanding of PwP’s gait weakness and their response to training.


Providing real-world evidence, connecting direct to patients

GaitThaw provides a longitudinal view of the PwP’s treatment journey and associated outcomes and experiences. Along with other measures such as gait characteristics, activity levels, independence levels, GaitThaw enables the generation of compelling real-world evidence.