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gaitQ Product Evaluation

We are undertaking a product evaluation study for the gaitQ device. The device collects important movement data and delivers vibrational notifications to the lower leg. The more movement data the device collects, the better it works. We need movement data from people with walking or running difficulties. Our aim is to develop a device that addresses these difficulties and improves mobility.

Duration of the study

The study will start in June 2021 and end in October 2021.

Aim of the product evaluation study

Evaluate the performance and usability of an early-stage prototype product.


We’re looking for volunteers who experience walking or running difficulties.

Why is this product evaluation study necessary?

This non-interventional data capture study will test if our prototype can be further developed and used to improve walking quality: this is important data that can be used to further refine our product aiming to overcome gait symptoms more effectively and improve walking quality.

What is involved if you are interested in taking part?

If you are interested in taking part in our study then please fill out the contact form below. We will email you more information about the study, and contact you at the time and by the method you chose, to tell you more about the study, answer any questions you may have and ensure the study is appropriate for you. This conversation usually takes about 30 minutes.

If you then choose to take part and are eligible you will be invited to attend up to 5 study sessions at a venue in South Oxfordshire. The number of sessions is determined by your suitability and availability. In the session, you will be using our prototype device in a controlled and safe environment. The gaitQ research team and a physiotherapist will be there to assist you. The session is adapted to suit your physical ability. Each session will last a maximum of 90 minutes. You will be reimbursed for your time and reasonable travel expenses.

About the venue

Our evaluation set-up has been carefully designed following COVID-19 infection prevention and control guidelines. These include necessary sanitation, social distancing and testing of team members.

We really appreciate your interest as we are reliant on volunteers like yourself to be involved in developing solutions to keep people active.

Many thanks.

The gaitQ team

Are you interested in taking part?