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Frequently asked questions

How does cueing work?

The brain's internal motor control pathway is affected by Parkinson's Disease to control movement. Cueing activates goal-oriented motor pathways to bypass the defective region in the brain and initiate movement. This could explain why PwP cannot walk but can dance or ride a bike. Cueing enhances neuroplasticity and causes improved motor outcomes.

Has the efficacy of the gaitQ system been validated?

The efficacy of a prototype system was tested through a pilot clinical study in 2019. This indicated that the system offered significant benefits to people with Parkinson's by decreasing both the number of freezing episodes and their duration, as well as providing improvements to the individual's stride and step symmetry. Is this system that gaitQ is taking through development.

Is one device needed on each leg?

Having one in each leg allows our system to better capture freezing events and obtain more characteristics of the user's gait. In the future this will contribute to better freeze detection and cueing, and more in-depth gait analytics.

How do we know which-leg-is-which from fitting to fitting?

Knowing which-leg-is-which is not necessary for our algorithms, so they are interchangeable.

When will the gaitQ system be available?

We are currently focussed on developing our system and conducting further product testing. Subject to device approvals, we are working towards a product launch in 2022.

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