Dongli Li at the start of ICURe

ICURe Business Accelerator

Selected to participate

gaitQ was selected for the ICURe Midlands business accelerator programme, funded by InnovateUK, which connects innovators with stakeholders and provides funding for field-based research. For six months between 2018 and 2019 the team conducted over 200 interviews across three continents to understand the problems and challenges in the daily life of people with Parkinson’s brought by gait-freezing. Throughout this journey, people with Parkinson’s, family members, carers, neuroconsultants, physiotherapists and nurses shared their stories, ideas, difficulties and expectations thereby helping the gaitQ team understand the market and develop a solution to the challenges ahead.

Dongli at the start of ICURe

Dongli at the start of the ICURe Business Accelerator.

During the ICURe journey, the gaitQ team visited the European Parkinson Therapy Centre to closely observe the neuro-physiotherapy training for people with Parkinson’s. They an immersive experience working with the neurophysiotherapists and people with Parkinson’s. The team witnessed the brain scanner in action to help understand the brain activities of people with Parkinson’s and further improve their understanding of the disease.

Andre getting his brain scanned

André having his brain scanned.

Visiting the PD Clinic

The gaitQ team visits the European Parkinson Therapy Centre.