Updates from the gaitQ team

Living with Parkinson's and the Technological Revolution

Remarkable advancements in technology have provided a ray of sunshine for those affected by Parkinson's. Amidst the challenges, there is a glimmer of hope.

How Family and Friends Can Enhance the Parkinson's Experience

Family and friends can significantly improve the experience of living with Parkinson's by providing understanding, empathy, and practical assistance.

Hobbies and Activities of People with Parkinson's

How hobbies and activities not only bring joy but also help People with Parkinson's manage their condition and maintain a strong sense of identity.

The role of physiotherapy in Parkinson’s care

How physiotherapy with gaitQ tempo™ can benefit people with Parkinson’s by increasing mobility, confidence, and so improving quality of life.

PwP Stories: Adriane

An interview with Adriane Thompson