Philippa Tsirgiotis Speaks to Engineers Australia

Philippa Tsirgiotis Speaks to Engineers Australia

All about her passion for engineering and her experience at gaitQ

Our product engineer Philippa Tsirgiotis speaks about her career and experience moving to Oxford to join our team

Philippa Tsirgiotis, our product engineer at gaitQ, spoke to Engineers Australia, about her passion for mechanical and biomedical engineering. She discusses her experience moving from Adelaide, Australia to Oxford and joining our team.

Philippa explains that her passion for engineering appeared when she was in high school, where she found herself interested in maths and physics. She started her career studying mechanical engineering and continued on to study biomedical engineering.

When she was asked about her experience at gaitQ she mentioned:

One of my highlights in this position is a user engagement event we hosted. We brought together a diverse group of people with Parkinson’s and their carers to learn more about their needs and improve our product. It was fantastic to hear about their ideas and excitement for our device. It was great to see all our efforts coming together and getting one step closer to being out in the world and helping people.

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