PwP Stories: Adriane

PwP Stories: Adriane

An interview with Adriane Thompson

The gaitQ® team had the chance to meet Adriane Thompson and hear of her stories about her own journey with Parkinson’s.


Adriane Thompson was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 13 years ago.

“I thought I had labyrinthitis, I went to see a specialist and after several tests, he referred me to a neurologist, who conducted a series of tests and eventually recommended a brain scan; Parkinson’s was there.”

Adriane Thompson tells us of her journey with Parkinson's

Managing Parkinson’s with an Active Lifestyle

Despite the challenges posed by Parkinson’s, Adriane is determined to maintain an active lifestyle. Walking has become a daily ritual for her, with three hours of outdoor activity most days. However, she mentions that sometimes freezing episodes can catch her off guard, causing her to come to a complete stop and making it difficult to move forward.

“I sometimes come to a full stop, and I can’t move.”

The Power of Cueing

During a holiday trip, Adriane experienced a particularly intense freezing episode:

“He took my arm and together we said ’left right left right'”

This helped Adriane regain her momentum. She emphasizes the importance of cueing and believes it could be a powerful solution for Parkinson’s, especially when it comes to managing freezing episodes.

Advocating for the Parkinson’s Community

Adriane is an active advocate for the Parkinson’s community. She actively participates in different events, where she spreads awareness and support for others facing similar challenges.

After introducing gaitQ tempo Adriane mentioned:

“It’s got a rhythm to it. And so it’s easiest to follow”

One of our participants trying gaitQ tempo™ and giving us feedback.

Meeting Adriane and hearing her story motivates us to continue working on providing a cueing solution to Parkinson’s community.