Do’s and Don’ts for Good Nutrition in Parkinson’s

Here’s our top list of do’s and don’ts for good nutrition in Parkinson’s.

7 Tips for Improving Speech and Communication

Adopting a few different strategies can help overcome challenges related to speech and communication.

Jingles into Wellness: Holiday Tips

Christmas Holidays are around the corner and for those living with Parkinson’s it’s essential to navigate the celebrations with care.

Living with Parkinson’s and the Technological Revolution

Remarkable advancements in technology have provided a ray of sunshine for those affected by Parkinson’s. Amidst the challenges, there is a glimmer of hope.

How Family and Friends Can Enhance the Parkinson’s Experience

Family and friends can significantly improve the experience of living with Parkinson’s by providing understanding, empathy, and practical assistance.

Hobbies and Activities of People with Parkinson’s

How hobbies and activities not only bring joy but also help People with Parkinson’s manage their condition and maintain a strong sense of identity.

Why staying active matters for people with Parkinson’s

Adopt an active lifestyle and enjoy the benefits it offers to your physical and mental health

Engaging with People with Parkinson’s

Engaging Patients: The Key to Better MedTech Solutions

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