Updates from the gaitQ team

Jingles into Wellness: Holiday Tips

Christmas Holidays are around the corner and for those living with Parkinson’s it’s essential to navigate the celebrations with care.

gaitQ’s £1.4m collaboration with Exeter University

We are happy to announce a collaboration between gaitQ® and the University of Exeter on our journey to create a wearable “solution” for Parkinson’s.

How we develop an ‘accessible-for-everyone’ device

Usability and accessibility are at the heart of our user experience design process.

Living with Parkinson’s and the Technological Revolution

Remarkable advancements in technology have provided a ray of sunshine for those affected by Parkinson’s. Amidst the challenges, there is a glimmer of hope.

How Family and Friends Can Enhance the Parkinson’s Experience

Family and friends can significantly improve the experience of living with Parkinson’s by providing understanding, empathy, and practical assistance.